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Tel Dan (Part 1): An Archaeological Gem

Tel Dan (Part 1): An Archaeological Gem Did you know that even though Tel Dan  (the ancient city of Dan) has yielded some amazing archaeological discoveries, those currently excavating it (Drs. David Ilan, Ryan Byrne, & Nili Fox) claim that, “the artifacts of more than ninety percent of the mound still lie underground waiting to be discovered”? (http://www.teldan.wordpress.com). The photo on the left gives an idea of the size of the mound.  The dense area of trees shows how much of the tel remains untouched.…

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Khirbet Qeiyafa: A Davidic City

 Khirbet Qeiyafa: A Davidic City Did you know that 7 seasons of excavations (2007-2013) at Khirbet Qeiyafa have produced a number of exciting finds leading some archaeologists to the conclusion that the biblical description of David’s kingdom is accurate? If you are a Bible-believer, it may have never crossed your mind to doubt the existence of David or his kingdom. However, that hasn’t stopped skeptical archaeologists and biblical scholars from questioning it! In the 1980s the new “literary” approach to the Bible advocated that the…

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