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Looking at Logos 8

Looking at Logos 8 This article has two purposes. First to introduce you to Logos, the best Bible study software in the world (that’s no exaggeration), and to help you evaluate whether Logos is for you. Secondly, I’ll be evaluating Logos 8, the latest version. If you are already familiar with Logos (and using it) you may want to skip to the second section of this post. If you are interested in getting the update at a discount, you can click on the link here. The…

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Logos Mobile Ed Review: Introducing Biblical Interpretation (Part 1)

 Logos Mobile Ed Review (ATTN: From Oct. 23 – Dec. 31 use this link to get 25% off any Mobile Ed Course from Logos!) Although I count myself among those who still enjoy pulling a book off of a shelf and reading through it, modern Bible software has taken Bible study to a whole new level. Among the Bible software programs available today, none is more comprehensive and powerful than Logos 5. If you’re wondering how Bible software can assist you in the study of…

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